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NitroCap Premium Cap Packs for Car Dealers Tire Shops (Box of 50)

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Our attractively packaged NitroCap PDI packs are a great product for your parts department to provide your PDI techs.  The non-corrosive caps are packaged with a customer information card that provides the Nitrogen benefit description for the customer. The caps may also be hung in your retail parts area to attract additional service drive sales.  

The non-corrosive aluminum caps are for all weather conditions and road environments.  The caps have a plasitc insert that protect the valve stems.  

Please contact us by phone at 404-432-4457 if you are interested in ordering boxes of 10+ on one order.  We will be happy to give you a quatity discount. 

Please contact us about how your dealership can receive a free Nitrogen system through the purchase of these cap packs.